Site under construction

It was time to upgrade the Hippstory website and to make life a little easier for this one woman operation I have reduced the number of online sale platforms I work in and so make it easier to keep the ones I work with updated! So instead of having my own webshop both for private and wholesale customers, I now have this webpage which links to Etsy – Hippstory private customer webshop and to Faire – Hippstory wholesale customer webshop.

More wholesale shopping features such as lookbook and linesheet/online order form will be added in early 2023. My existing retailers –  you will get an email about these updates and Faire in January.

The big new jewellery collection and trays collection I created in 2022 will also be added to Etsy and Faire in early 2023. Snippets of the news can be seen here. My art – the sausage figure sculptures – are sold via drops on @hippstory_visby and in the Visby shop GKF.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions at all, or if you want info or images, drop me a line at